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Diagnostic Work in a Flash

Instead of having another mechanic take apart your vehicle to figure out what is wrong, bring it to Jim's, where we will hook your vehicle up to our computer diagnostic device and figure out what is wrong.  Bringing your vehicle to Jim's will be a huge money and time saver.  We work on most vehicles. Schedule an appointment today, and we can check the overall condition of your vehicle and get any issues taken care of right away.



Diagnostic work includes

  • Check how your engine is performing

  • Prevent small problems from becoming big ones

  • Check overall drivability

Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape

Our team of professional mechanics will be able to help you meet all your vehicles maintenance requirements to safeguard your vehicles warranty and to keep it on the road longer. With our equipment we will tap into your vehicles computer and electrical systems to find out what is really going on, and repair the issues which will help prevent costly repairs in the future.

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